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Solution & Data Platform

AI & Blockchain

We are the one stop shop for B2C business. Only we can “SOLVEall end-to-end problems with the most advanced AI and blockchain technologies. We deliver powerful and seamless solutions to keep products authentic, safe and connected across the supply chain—from manufacturing to the consumer’s hands. Our technology is accessible to all brands and maintaining the flexibility to address the specific needs of each brand and product and upon our customer’s needs, our technology is customisable and integratable with the existing systems.

We SOLVE Everything

Anti-Counterfeiting Solution
Digital Warranty Management
Customer Purchase Behaviour Data Platform
Diversion Detection
Serialisation and Coding

Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging
Loyalty Program
Automated Marketing


Deployed on Millions of Products Worldwide

  • Electrical Machinery and Apparatus
  • Cosmetic
  • Jewellery and Watch
  • Auto Parts
  • Fashion Clothing
  • Sprits and Wine
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Medicine
  • Supplements
  • CBD
  • Cannabis (USA)

Highest Performance yet Most Economical Solutions

Protect Brands
Connect Customers

Trusted by 100+ Brands Globally


An Integrated Software Suite

  • It gives each product item an unique digital identity and footprint
  • It protects and defends that identity with the continuously evolving AI Cloud based on a patent pending anti-counterfeiting technology
  • It captures each and every event in the supply chain from warehouse to consumer, helping in tracking and tracing
  • It boosts customer engagement and helps brands build their consumer database in offline world

SOLVE Leverages The Native Capabilities of Billions of Smartphones to Connect People and Brands Together

Digital Brand
Management Platform

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We value trust, transparency, sustainability and innovation to enhance customer experience.
We believe in “connecting with the heart and mind of customers“, and our technology and offerings are all centred on it.
We work with the brands who believe in the same, and empower them with our technology and learnings.
We are a group of passionate engineers, security experts, marketing, and sales team who have achieved the technological success in companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Visa and Paypal in the past.
We understand how technology can be used to digitally enable the physical products at scale and achieve the desired capabilities in the most effective and convenient ways for consumers and the brands.