Brands across industries like alcohol, clothes, electrical machinery and apparatus, footwear, automobile parts among many others have been using SOLVE. Basically, any brand which provides after-sales product warranties on their products should use SOLVE.

Yes, most of the brands that we work with have 3rd party manufacturing. We help you with the best practices on how they have been doing it to make the process easier.

Going to a website and filling up a long warranty form is cumbersome for users. This leads to high dropouts. SOLVE provides the easiest way for higher warranty registrations. Our clients have seen a growth of upto 300%.

Our onboarding team ensures a smooth setup and training for your teams to start being productive from Day 1. Post that our customer success team will be available through email/ phone to resolve any of your queries.

QR codes can be printed either on the products or on your warranty label.

SOLVE comes with an in-build CRM for the service teams. However if required, we have REST APIs which can be consumed by the teams.

Brands have been able to roll out their paperless warranties in less than a week’s time.

We don’t think that should be required. While working with various brands, over the years, we have evolved the product to include those features. But still, you have a unique requirement, reach out to us, and our solution expert will help address your queries to the best.

We recommend having a unique code for every item so that they are easily identified. But don’t worry if you have operational challenges we have a solution to that too.

Yes, our code can be added to the NFC.  
NFC (without SOLVE code) are no different than holograms when it comes to copying them. It is even easier, all you need is the NFC code set in one of the original item and set the same code in cloned NFC labels/tags, and you will be ready to pass the counterfeit check! Usual cost varies from few cents to a dollar based on type of NFC tags.
QR is simple to use, our tech behind our codes prevents counterfeiting even if some one copies the code. Our code can be added to the NFC, but then for customers, they will have to download the app to check.
Our Code’s are a very small part of everything- what matters is the tech behind it, which let you does number of things 1) prevents counterfeit 2) allows customer onboarding 3) warranty management 4) loyalty management 5) re-connecting the customers to sell more 6) product education to consumers.