Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Electrical and Electronic Appliances

As new advanced technologies and innovations keep on happening in today’s world, significant growth is expected in the Electrical and Electronic industry in the coming years. With this rapid growth come new challenges for the manufacturers — one of the most critical problems is counterfeiting.

Difficulty in warranty management is another problem that the manufacturers are facing. SOLVE foolproof anti-counterfeit solution helps brands to eliminate counterfeiting in the offline world. The same solution also provides paperless warranty management and loyalty engine to increase consumer engagement.

Protect Your Brand

No more counterfeits!

World’s most effective anti-counterfeit tags backed by patent-pending technology and AI

Prevents and Demotivates imitators to sell fakes under your brand

24x7 monitoring for anomaly signals

Digital Anti-counterfeit Solution

Mathematically Coupled Codes

Related Digital Services which can be coupled with the same codes

Dynamic and Customizable Platform to Showcase Your Products

Geo-location based Product Pages

Showcase different landing page based on user’s location

Impulsive decision-making influence

Influence buyers during decision-making time

Right message, right moment!

Let your products tell their stories and benefits

Product proposition

Let your products tell their stories and benefits

Brand socialization

Increase social media influence and ratings for your products

Warranty and Customer Support

Make a personal and trackable connection with your end customer

One touch warranty registration and loyalty program submission

Enable feedback and one-click support - increases TRUST

Integrate existing CRMs and support with our APIs

Increase revenue -One click Warranty renewal with online payments

Reach out to buyers with new upgrades and offerings

User Warranty Registration Process

Loyalty, Rewards and Customer Engagement

Real-Time Track and Trace Solutions

Enable tracking and shipment (GS1 Standard) with virtually no initial investment

Collect real-time data of any link of the supply chain (Primary secondary and tertiary packaging)

Monitor shipment location and efficiency in real-time

Reduce manpower and infrastructure cost by our centralized cloud solution

Tag Placement Samples


Focus on your core business with peace of mind, offload other work on us.

Brand Protection

Showcase Your Products

Grow Your Consumer-Base

Better Business Intelligence

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Deployed on Millions of Products Worldwide

Our global success partners

Anthony Gagliardi

CEO/Founder - The Kind Pen

SOLVE is helping me reduce fraud and connect with more customers - in one integrated solution”

Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani

Executive Director, SYSKA LED Lights

SOLVE has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick”