CASE STUDY | The Kind Pen

How The Kind Pen, a Market Leading

Vape Brand, used SOLVE to

Significantly Reduce Counterfeiting and

Increase Consumer Loyalty.



Personal Vaporizer

The Kind Pen is one the best known brands in the US cannabis market and it has gained popularity because of its high quality and cutting edge vape products.

This case study traces how a sophisticated counterfeiting operation was brought to a halt through the use of SOLVE. This counterfeiting operation had produced and distributed inferior quality fakes in cloned packaging, causing The Kind Pen significant economic and reputational damage.

The Problem

Prior to deploying SOLVE, The Kind Pen was experiencing lost sales revenue, damaged brand reputation, warranty claims on products that they didn’t even sell, and a real and a present safety threat to unsuspecting consumers.

How did we SOLVE it?

SOLVE offered a fully integrated, digital Anti-Counterfeiting, Loyalty and E-Warranty management solution.

Anti-Counterfeit, Loyalty and E-Warranty

SOLVE patent pending anti-counterfeiting solution is built on a cloud based AI platform. SOLVE provided The Kind Pen with serialized smart tags which connected consumers to a robust anti-counterfeiting, loyalty and warranty management platform.

A unique feature of SOLVE is that no app is needed. At Point of Sale (PoS), customers simply scan the pre-purchase code on the product packaging with their smartphone to check for product authenticity as well as product information using SOLVE‘ digital billboard capabilities.

After purchase, they scan the post-purchase code (hidden by a scratch-off layer), to register their warranty and to join a loyalty program to collect loyalty reward points. Buyers can redeem these points in the form of gifts from the brand. Buyers also have the option to send their feedback and suggestions to The Kind Pen in real time.

The registration process also allows consumers to share their contact information that can be used to power direct marketing campaigns using SOLVE built-in Automated Marketing Engine.

The Deployment

It took just over four weeks to deploy SOLVE

SOLVE was deployed in a month’s time after The Kind Pen elected to move forward. This included the set-up of their client dashboard, the consumer UX and the production of SOLVE for application at their packaging facility.

SOLVE doesn’t require consumers to install any app. It works for all smartphones with a camera. This feature helps lift user participation more than 5 times over an app based solution.

The Results

The Numbers After Year One

The Kind Pen’s counterfeit problem was completely eliminated within a few months after deploying SOLVE. The deployment of SOLVE’s and education of their supply chain removed the economic incentives for the counterfeiting operation to continue to plague The Kind Pen.

Warranty registration increased by more than 75% and the incidence of false warranty claims have gone down by over 90%.

“I am so happy with SOLVE that I did not think twice to deploy them on my new line of Cannabis products in California.”

The Kind Pen CEO, Anthony Gagliardi


Post-Deployment Metrics and Benefits

● No new counterfeit products have been reported for all the SKUs on which SOLVE codes were applied.

● More than 8% scan rates of the post-purchase codes are being enjoyed by The Kind Pen for loyalty registration.

● Via the Loyalty program, The Kind Pen is now able to get valuable contact information and contact permission from their retail consumers. These consumers were formerly invisible to them and now forms the backbone of their relationship management program.

● User feedbacks and suggestions are directly reaching management in real time. They now know common problems their users are experiencing and can address them swiftly.