Protect, Acquire and Grow Your Consumers

Cannabis market is relatively new but it is growing at an explosive rate. Due to this fast growth rate, counterfeiters are targetting this market and the internet is flooding with the news of counterfeit marijuana and vaping accessories.

This is dangerous because cannabis counterfeiting may prove to be fatal for the consumers. Cannabis brands can protect their customers against fakes with the help of SOLVE Anti-counterfeit solution.

SOLVE helps brands to eliminate counterfeiting in the market and helps boost digital marketing to increase consumer growth and repeat sales via consumer and budtender loyalty programs

Cannabis Brand's Challenges

Enabling you to


Protect Your Consumers and Brand

World's #1 Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Developed by ex-Paypal, Google, Yahoo and Amazon engineers

Prevent counterfeiting of your product

Results within 5 weeks of launch

Showcase Your Product to Influence Buyers

Product story and virality

Influences shoppers at their point of decision with your narrative

Right message, right moment!

Let your best marketing ads be seen when it matters the most

Videos and instagram to engage users

You make your real estate on product packaging virtually infinite

Acquire and Grow Consumerbase

10x economical than social media or search engine marketing. Start Collecting Consumer Data Via Loyalty and Gamification Programs.

Frictionless conversion driven by incentives

Consumers don’t have to download app!

  • Offers Integrated Loyalty for Consumers and Budtenders
  • Offers Integrated Gamification / Warranty Registration
  • Acquire customer contacts
  • Provides powerful and actionable data
  • Automates and manages follow-on marketing

Encourage Budtenders to Sell More

Integrated Budtender Loyalty and Gratification Programs

Let budtenders to be your brand’s advocate

Honor them with loyalty points and monthly contests!

Integrated and easy to use

Budtenders don’t have to do any extra work other than telling customers about your great product

Obtain Immediate Data for Real Time Marketing Actions

  • See where you are underperforming Adjust marketing campaign and supply chain
  • Use Pre-purchase UX to offer incentives
  • Use Automated Marketing to drive purchasing in target regions

Run Automated Campaigns for Refills or Repurchases

Quickly Setup Your Own Logic for Campaigns

Easily set up campaigns to run on their own Use the content of your choosing

Enable e-commerce to enable purchase orders from anywhere

Let users re-order via tag scan

User can scan the tag and click the “Subscribe” or “Buy” button to re-order and collect from dispensary

Consumers' Feedback to Connect Better

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Deployed on Millions of Products Worldwide

Our global success partners

Anthony Gagliardi

CEO/Founder - The Kind Pen

SOLVE is helping me reduce fraud and connect with more customers - in one integrated solution”

Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani

Executive Director, SYSKA LED Lights

SOLVE has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick”