5 ways to boost your business using Marketing Automation Software

5 ways to boost your business using Marketing Automation Software

In the last few years, companies’ are changing the marketing strategies with the best marketing automation software and impacting businesses in many ways. Changed consumer behavior has impacted how companies are engaging with their consumers. Competition is at an all-time high in all industry verticals. 

Businesses in the e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, food, auto parts, electrical and electronics, clothing, nursery products, luxury goods, and alcohol industries are investing in the best marketing automation software to survive and excel. They foresee using anti-counterfeiting software, email marketing strategies, AI-backed consumer services, and technologically creative software to woo customers in 2021.

And this is not all. 

Companies can gain a higher ROI with the best marketing automation software and strategies. It helps businesses in India work with and influence different target audiences. According to the experts, automation is the primary tool for connecting suppliers and customers to a brand’s index.

New product launches are taking place differently. Established companies are using crisper and more innovative marketing strategies to engage with customers. They are committed to gaining a competitive edge, retaining their existing client base, and adding to it.

5 High-impact Changes with SOLVE Marketing Automation Software in 2021

In other words, businesses are looking for easy-to-deploy marketing automation software to make a big difference in the way they operate.  

The following changes can make a big difference in the pricing and ROI for Indian businesses:

  1. Easy-to-use drag and drop tools are useful for decoding complex business logic. They are being used extensively by jewelers and luxury goods suppliers. Other businesses are also leveraging the benefits of innovation to reach their target audience and get ahead in the race.

  2. The global electronic accessories market is expected to reach a figure of $59.5 Bn in 2026. Unfortunately, it is prone to duplication by fraudulent producers. The changes brought in by digital anti-counterfeit solutions have impacted the consumer electronic accessories market in a big way. Manufacturers are now investing in automated loyalty engines and paperless warranty management solutions to fight counterfeiters.

  3. Potential customers feel secure when the organization they want to deal with cares to listen and do what’s good for them. This is why modern-day organizations are investing in personalized human messages to establish a direct relationship with customers. They are auto-sending relevant messages via SMS, pp-Push, web-push, emails, and push notifications about product launches, pre-marked events, and upcoming offers to bring in the cool factor.

  4. E-commerce giants collect leads from different places to add to a common platform. Following the cue, organizations selling their products and services online are tweaking their marketing automation software to collect leads for diverse channels like landing pages, WordPress sites, Facebook, JustDial, IndiaMart, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The data collected helps them understand the needs and purchase behavior of prospective leads and structure their marketing strategies accordingly.

  5. There is another high-impact, positive change that’s making a difference to marketing automation software in 2021. Successful marketing companies are using CRM for tracking and following up on their leads. They are using effective and simple management tools, such as those suggested by SOLVE, to track prospective customers and convert them into loyal clients.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Software for Data-driven Marketing Companies


Are you a data-driven company looking for smarter ways of matching the lofty expectations of your consumers? Do you wish to keep your strategies and plans on autopilot to get the best returns? The simple and effective changes mentioned above, along with other innovative strategies, can propel your visibility and sales in 2021. Get in touch with the marketing automation software experts at SOLVE to understand how to bring a difference to your marketing tools.