Imagine Over 2 Billion Smartphones Protecting Your Brand

Enable your consumers to easily authenticate your products and empower them to be your army against counterfeiting

World's Best Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Guaranteed results within 5 weeks of deployment

Foolproof and Patent Pending

Our unique AI monitored patent pending anti-counterfeit technology renders the clones invalid and helps eliminating the counterfeits of your products from the market

App-less and Easy for End Consumer

Consumer doesn't have to download any app, we use the native capabilities of smartphone to scan, which increases the overall consumer adoption and engagement

Empowers Consumers to Report Fakes

Consumers can easily report the incident of counterfeiting from their smartphones, along with the pictures and other specific details, which may be used as evidence, this deters the retailers to deal with the shady suppliers

24x7 AI Monitoring and Red-Flagging

Our system continuously monitors for anomaly signals and send alerts as soon as they surface. The brand protection and legal teams get upto a second of real-time data, along with the location of the places which are red-flagged by our anti-counterfeit software algorithms

Unique AI Monitored Serialization Technology

SOLVE provides every item a unique, secure and traceable identity, called SOLVE code, which is applied on the product in the form of QR, NFC or RFID.

Each code is continuously monitored by our AI backed cloud, and complete product journey from warehouse to consumer is captured and presented in real-time on management dashboards for analysis.

No more counterfeiting

As no app is required to validate products with SOLVE, the overall engagement is very high. With patent-pending dual-code anti-counterfeit technology with AI monitoring, the clones are detected and invalidated as they surface. This takes away the business incentive from counterfeiters.

Prevent unauthorized distribution

Since SOLVE codes are continuously monitored, any attempts of unauthorized distribution and illegitimate diversions are immediately brought into attention. This helps you enforce your policy and pricing structure on your distributors.

Supply chain visibility

To enable efficient track and trace, we allow the item, box and pallet level parent-child relationship. Now, a single scan on pallet code can capture all the boxes and items inside it. For more information, please visit Track and Trace page.

5x consumer engagement

For post-purchase scan we provide capabilities to on-board consumer for loyalty, warranty and other promotional programs. For more information please visit Consumer Engagement page.

Geo-Locations Based Red-Flagging

  • 24x7 AI based anomaly detection
  • Most effective in conducting raids!
  • Track location of counterfeiting
  • Trace and seize counterfeiters
  • Deter retailers to conduct business with shady distributors

SOLVE Benefits Comparison

For Counterfeiters – SOLVE makes their business model unprofitable and risky

For Consumers – SOLVE empowers them to easily authenticate and protect themselves

For Brands – SOLVE makes them hero and provides ways to establish long term consumer loyalty

Current Process
No criminals think “they will be caught”
Reproducible product labeling
Extremely sparse incident data
Traditional law enforcement practices
Minimal protection at present
Counterfeiter the villain, Consumers the victim
No marketing benefits
Moves anti-counterfeiting to PoS
SOLVE AI cloud catches the clones
Every consumer scan is data rich
Pro-active consumer level solution
Every consumer is now empowered
“Brand” is hero, Consumer is the boss
Extensive marketing capabilities

Production Line Deployment and Success

1. Our team constantly works with your operation and/or packaging teams to make sure the process of deployment is smooth on your production line

2. Zero effect in your output rate – we are the World’s top Anti-Counterfeit Solution provider

3. We support Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual process of Tagging depending on your setup

4. After deployment we provide onsite training

5. Once deployed other offerings (supply chain, consumer marketing) can be enabled at any time, the production line is never touched again

Deployed on Millions of Products Worldwide

Our global success partners

Anthony Gagliardi

CEO/Founder - The Kind Pen

SOLVE is helping me reduce fraud and connect with more customers - in one integrated solution”

Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani

Executive Director, SYSKA LED Lights

SOLVE has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick”