We value trust, transparency, sustainability and innovation to enhance customer experience.

We believe in “connecting with the heart and mind of our customers“. Our technology and offerings are all centred on this relationship.  We work with the brands that believe in the same type of association, and empower them with our technology and learnings.

We are a group of passionate engineers, security experts, marketing, and sales team, who have achieved the technological success in companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Visa, and Paypal. Our architects have led the AI team in Google in the past. 

Our technology is invincible,

our dedication level is peerless,

and the amount of investment is among the highest.

Nonetheless, SOLVE is free from license charges and software fees.

We understand how technology can digitally enable the physical products at scale and achieve the desired capabilities in the most effective ways for consumers and brands.

Furthermore, we understand how great the impacts of SOLVE’s cutting-edge technology can support consumers safety and health and save our beautiful planet in numerous circumstances.

We believe that SOLVE exists for a better world.